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Mariah Carey Works Out in Stilettos

The diva hit the gym rocking some unconventional workout attire.

Climb every mountain @gunnarfitness

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Mariah Carey is known for her incredible voice, but also for being unapologetically glamorous no matter the occasion.

Apparently, her workouts are no exception. Rocking stiletto booties, fishnets, a black bodysuit and some flashy jewelry, the star got a workout in with renowned celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

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Carey took to Instagram on Thursday to share some of the workout with her over 5 million followers, and it was everything you might expect.

She hit everything from biceps to legs in her posts, and the Fenty x Puma stilettos, designed by Rihanna, made an appearance in every shot.

We must we must ... ;) @gunnarfitness

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While the boots may technically qualify as athleisure from a fashion standpoint, they look like they’d make exercising (and walking, or doing anything) just a little bit more difficult, although Carey seemed to be just as comfortable as most would be in sneakers.

Running amok. @gunnarfitness

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We doubt that Peterson—or any trainer, for that matter—would recommend working out in fishnets and six-inch heels, but if that’s what Mimi’s comfortable in, we won’t judge.