Mariah Carey is known for her incredible voice, but also for being unapologetically glamorous no matter the occasion.

Apparently, her workouts are no exception. Rocking stiletto booties, fishnets, a black bodysuit and some flashy jewelry, the star got a workout in with renowned celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson.

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Carey took to Instagram on Thursday to share some of the workout with her over 5 million followers, and it was everything you might expect.

She hit everything from biceps to legs in her posts, and the Fenty x Puma stilettos, designed by Rihanna, made an appearance in every shot.

While the boots may technically qualify as athleisure from a fashion standpoint, they look like they’d make exercising (and walking, or doing anything) just a little bit more difficult, although Carey seemed to be just as comfortable as most would be in sneakers.

We doubt that Peterson—or any trainer, for that matter—would recommend working out in fishnets and six-inch heels, but if that’s what Mimi’s comfortable in, we won’t judge.