Rumors have been swirling about whether or not Patty Jenkins would be directing Wonder Woman 2, and according to Variety, it’s official! With the news of her upcoming gig comes a huge pay bump for the talented director. 

Jenkins will reportedly be making somewhere in the $8 million range for the much-anticipated sequel, making her the highest-paid female director in history, although an exact figure has not been revealed. In addition to this massive pay day, she’ll also be receiving a considerable backend. 

Gal Gadot

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, negotiations for the deal had been a long road, due to Jenkins, who insisted on earning something more in the realm of what director Zack Snyder made on Man of Steel [insert praise and cheers here]. 

The first installment of Wonder Woman has made more than $800 million to date, and Jenkins was paid $1 million for her directorial role.

Gal Gadot has already signed on to the sequel, which is slated to hit the big screen Dec. 13, 2019.