Carrie Ellison was crippled by a fear of leaving her home. From an early age the U.K.-based woman says she suffered from anxiety and agoraphobia, avoiding social interactions, refusing to meet people, and began to have problems in school. 

Then she discovered bodybuilding, reported, and it turned her life around. At 35 years old, Ellison now has the confidence to compete on stage, and has the physique to look good doing it in a competition bikini!

Where did this miracle transformation come from? It started in 2014—Ellison told the Mirror she was nearing a breakdown. She then began to work out from home just to stay fit, and soon fell in love with bodybuilding. With her social anxiety slowly diminishing, she sought out a personal trainer and trained with her at a local gym. Ellison set her eyes on competing, so her trainer helped to get her physique in top shape. She stepped onto her first competition stage last October and while she didn’t win, Ellison says she considers that moment a huge personal victory. She plans on posing back on stage again this year as well. 

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