Did you know that plié is French for hot-looking legs? It’s true. If you don’t believe us, just try this workout provided by exercise DVD star and celebrity personal trainer Grace Lazenby. With it, you’ll sculpt your inner and outer thighs by using intervals of plié squats (feet spaced wider than shoulder width), and the adductor and abductor machines. Repeat the following intervals three times with no rest in between.

INTERVAL 1: Do one set of 20 plié squats without weight, then do 20 light-weight reps on the adductor machine.

INTERVAL 2: Do 20 reps on the abductor machine with light weight.

MAKE IT HARDER: Press up onto the balls of your feet during the plié squats and add small pulses at the bottom of the movement.

WHEN THAT GETS EASY: Add weights to the plié squats or increase machine weight.