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Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Your Bodybuilding Needs

You don't need to take prescription medication to lower the inflammation in your body; give these diet tweaks a try.



Dear M&F,
My doctor told me that I have high levels of inflammation in my body. He wants me to take prescription drugs, but I’m not comfortable with that. Can you help? 
—Richard D. L, KS

It pains me to hear about doctors who are so quick to write prescriptions but never consider diet when treating ailments. I’m not suggesting you ignore the doc’s advice, but chances are good that your inflammation can be greatly alleviated by tweaking your eating habits with these anti-inflammatory foods.

First, from looking at your old diet, I’d deepsix the milk you’re drinking. A large percentage of the population cannot tolerate pasteurized dairy, and it promotes an allergic (and highly inflammatory) response. Drop the bread, too, as gluten can have a similar effect. Also try to avoid sugar, one of the worst aggravators of inflammation. In your second meal, replace the sesame oil with macadamia nut or avocado oil. Sesame oil has an awful ratio of 45:1 omega-6 to omega-3 fats, and high levels of omega-6 have been shown to cause inflammation. You need more monounsaturated fats in general, so add almond butter as well.

Tuna is a staple bodybuilding food, but salmon has just as much muscle-building potential and provides more omega-3s. Green beans are healthy, but Brussels sprouts pack more natural inflammation fighters.

As for your post-workout meal, while simple sugar sources do create the insulin spike you need to recover, in your case, whole-food carb sources are better. Have some whole oats with blueberries and cherries. Berries are elite soldiers in the war on inflammation.


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