July’s shipment not only delivered new products to your doorstep, it also helped deliver nutrients to where they’re needed most. Your body has dif erent needs before and after workouts: Before you train, you want to provide it with the supplements that improve strength, focus, energy, and endurance. After workouts, you need to focus on recovery and growth. These 10 products target your needs at dif erent times of day, and that’s why M&F delivered them to you. These are the must-have products we sent out in July.



This pre-workout includes an electrolyte matrix to supercharge your workouts, betaalanine to enhance power, and a proprietary blend to support endurance.

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bpi-b4-100x100BPI B4

Among B4’s ingredients, Dendrobium enhances focus and helps decrease fatigue and appetite, leading to better workouts with greater fat burning. Psoralea corylifolia boosts focus.

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gat-jetfuel-superburn-100x100GAT Jetfuel Superburn

Jetfuel includes medium-chain triglycerides that boost metabolic rate, CNS stimulators to increase endurance and strength, and brain boosters.

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gaspari-superdrive-100x100Gaspari Superdrive

One of the keys to Superdrive is ornithine malate (MitoDrive). This amino acid compound drives nitric oxide (NO) production, supporting growth and recovery.

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mhp-paleo-proteinMHP Paleo Protein

Most protein powders are milk-based (casein and whey), but MHP engineered a protein product from beef and egg proteins, providing a great alternative for paleo dieters.

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mri-black-powder-ultraMRI Black Powder Ultra

Black Powder Ultra includes tyrosine, taurine, and caffeine anhydrous to stimulate the CNS and drive production of focusing brain chemicals.

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BSN Hyper FX

A proprietary blend containing beta-alanine, betaine, and taurine increases intensity and endurance by boosting anaerobic capacity. It also supports testosterone production.

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Six Star Creatine X3

Creatine X3 delivers a whopping eight grams of premium creatine along with maltodextrin and dextrose to drive these essential recovery nutrients tofatigued muscles.




forumutech-lean-efx-refinedFormutech LEAN-EFX Refined

This fat burner now works even better. The proprietary blend contains caffeine, green coffee extract, and Evodiae Fructus (Evodiamine).

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Beast Mode

An amino acid blend including glycerol, arginine, and betaalanine. These aid strength by increasing NO levels and fueling workouts with body fat.

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