It’s both a myth and a truism that you can turn fat into muscle. Bodybuilders have learned they can add muscle as they shed body fat, though many opt to separate the two processes into seasonal growth and leaning phases. But one of the best ways to fuel your workouts is to rely on body fat as a primary energy source, allowing you to train harder and longer. In the end, you’ll have less body fat and more muscle mass. It’s not magic or wishful thinking that causes your body fat to disappear—it’s hard work in the gym, supported by this month’s stack from BPI.

Burn to Build

Get the best of both worlds with these BPI products.


This product is designed as a fat burner, but also enhances performance. BPI B4 helps you use stored body fat to fuel your way through workouts even when you’re in a calorie deficit. Here’s how it works: Caffeine encourages your body to release stored fat while improving strength. Your body fat helps supplement your food intake as workout energy. Dendrobium not only gets your head in the game by elevating your focus, it also reduces fatigue and appetite.


Dieting bodybuilders often lack the energy to train as hard as they do when they’re in building phases. But BPI Pump-HD is a great partner to BPI B4 when you’re trying to train hard and reduce body fat. This pre-workout supp provides electrolytes to support fluid balance, and creatine and beta-alanine to increase strength. Tyrosine, taurine, and psoralea help you recover faster.

Stack It

Take B4 early in the morning and Pump-HD at least six hours later, before you train. For morning workouts, take Pump-HD 15–30 minutes before you train, then take B4 six hours later. The combined, recommended serving for B4 and Pump-HD contains about as much caffeine as six cups of coffee. As always, use your discretion when consuming caffeine, as some are more sensitive to it than others.

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