Leg Exercises

7 Wheel-Blasting Leg Workouts

Serious total-body change starts with your legs. Try one of these widowmaker routines to get your quads and hams on the grow.

People look forward to leg day like they look forward do a root canal. Sure, you know you’ll come out better for it but the actual event itself is painful and dreadful. But there’s a difference worth noting: If you have a good dentist, the post-procedure discomfort subsides pretty quickly. If you train legs well, you can count on wincing, shuffling and eyeballing staircases with contempt for up to a week.

Leg Thrashers

But here’s the thing…if you dedicate yourself to training your legs with zeal, not only will you end up with diced, wide-swept thighs, but a bigger, leaner overall physique. How? Because the muscles in your legs constitute so much of your total body mass, the caloric expenditure as well as the resulting spike in growth hormone and testosterone create an ideal environment for improving your physique.

On the pages that follow, our panel of experts offers up its fave selections of daunting-but-productive leg day thrashes – all to be tackled after a thorough, blood-pumping warm-up, of course.