Leg Exercises

7 Wheel-Blasting Leg Workouts

Serious total-body change starts with your legs. Try one of these widowmaker routines to get your quads and hams on the grow.


If you spend a lot of time working on the leg extension and leg curl machines, you are missing out on the big gains that can be had by focusing on compound movements. This routine, which appears basic on paper, can help you build huge quads and hams if you pour max effort into each set.

Exercise                                         Sets/Reps

Dumbbell Walking Lunge           x/x

Front Squat                                   3/12

-superset with-

Romanian Deadlift                    3/12

Leg Press                                   3/15

Why It Works: By starting out with walking lunges, you give your body a chance to warm up in a way that recruits muscles in a way that mimics the work ahead. This makes it an instant warm-up winner when compared to the treadmill or exercise bike. Perform as many sets as necessary to get a light sweat going and increase weight each time, working up to a moderate weight load. Keep the dumbbells at your shoulders to maintain a more upright body position. Your first working sets will be done with the front squat, which is a superior mass builder for quads. Research also shows a heavier demand on your core than using a BOSU ball. The Romanian deadlift, which works the hamstrings across two joints, is the ultimate mass builder for your hams. By supersetting RDLs with front squats, you take advantage of reciprocal innervation, which holds that whenever a muscle is engaged, the antagonist muscle is inhibited which expedites recovery. The faster recovery allows us to use heavier loads than you would not ordinarily use performing a superset and saves time in the gym. Saving the machine-based leg press for the end, you are able to go heavy with a compound movement despite the heavy fatigue that you’ll be experiencing by this point. Research shows that legs respond well to higher-rep work and the all-compound exercise nature of this workout is optimal for hormonal responses that trigger hypertrophy.

Kelechi Opara is a fitness model sponsored by Optimum Nutrition and American Bodybuilding. He is the creator of HumanEngine.com and the Nutritionist App for iPhone and Android and has over 15 years experience in the industry.


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