Q: My girlfriend has a male friend who she talks to every day. She says that there is nothing going on between them, but I don’t like the fact that she spends so much time on the phone with another man. How can I get her to respect my feelings and back off from her friend?

A: You know the old saying: If it walks and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Suffice it to say, there are other ways to cheat that don’t include sex. I suggest that you share how her behavior makes you feel and give her the opportunity to change. If she ignores your feelings, you will have a choice: Do you want to continue in a relationship with a woman who places her desire for a platonic relationship with “nothing going on” over the health of her romantic relationship? While you can’t make your girlfriend do anything, you always have the power to choose what you do.

About the Expert:
Sil Lai Abrams is a relationship expert and author of No More Drama: Nine Simple Steps to Transforming a Breakdown Into a Breakthrough.

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