The Best and Worst Dates to Take Her On

Dating expert Nick Savoy tells us where to take her out if you want to up your chances of taking her home.

The Best and Worst Dates to Take Her On

You got her number. Congratulations—the hardest part is over. Now what? Dinner? Movie? Not so fast. While these venues are first date classics, they also set you up to make some classic mistakes (think: awkward silences). So before hitting her up with plans for Saturday night, double-check your date-night idea. NIck Savoy, dating expert and creator of Love Systems (which has a new dating course available), let us in on the absolute best and worst dates you can take her on. According to him, anything has the potential to work—but we’d rather you make it home together than just make it through the next few hours unscathed. Navigate a first date flawlessly with these tips.

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