It might be time to start hitting the dentist’s chair (and the spell-check button) as hard as you hit the gym—teeth and (surprisingly) grammar top the list of what single girls pay most attention to when sizing up a new guy, according to a survey from The online dating site recently asked 5,000 unattached men and women ages 21 and older 200+ questions about dating, sex, love, and lifestyles. See what she’s judging you on—and what she couldn’t care less about (plus, some pointers on how to improve in those areas where you may be slacking).

When it comes to non-physical traits, she’s likely looking for someone who…

  • Treats her with respect (84%)
  • Proves himself trustworthy (77%)
  • Makes her laugh (58%)
  • Shares her values (47%)
  • Communicates his needs and desires (46%)

On her least-important list: eagerness to marry, similar food preferences, wanting to have children, shared political beliefs, similar educational backgrounds, and shared ethnic backgrounds. Phew.

And don't miss a few more survey stats that might surprise you:

  • She’s going to Google-stalk you: 48% of single women research someone on Facebook before a first date, and 49% of women would cancel that date if they found something sketchy
  • Your debt could be a deal breaker: 65% of singles wouldn’t date someone who had more than $5,000 in credit card debt, and 54% wouldn’t date someone with substantial student loan debt. Ouch.
  • She might share your sext: 45% of single women have received a sexy text message or photo, and 23% have shared them with others.
  • Booty calls can be the beginning of something solid: 53% of men (and 40% of women) have had a “friend with benefits” in the past, and 44% of these arrangements have turned into long-term relationships.
  • Sex might be better when you settle down: 47% of married people report achieving orgasm 91-100% of the time, while only 38% of singles have that kind of success rate.