Arm Exercises

How to Peak Your Biceps

Try these bicep blasting moves to add some elevation to your guns.


90-Degree Preacher Curl

With this movement you will be curling off of the vertical, not angled, side of a preacher bench. Load up a barbell with only about 60-70% of your normal preacher curl weight. Position yourself over the bench in such a manner that your armpits are snugly pressed into the top. Grab the weight and allow your arms to hang straight down.

As you start to curl make sure that your shoulders and elbows remain locked in position, so that the brachialis is forced to work as hard as possible to flex the arm. At the top of the movement squeeze tightly. Slowly lower the bar back to the starting position. 

Overhead Cable Curls

This unique exercise is my personal favorite for a targeted assault on the brachialis. Place a flat bench in front of a weight stack on one side of a cable crossover machine. Make sure that the bench is at least a foot or so away from the stack. Attach a short straight bar to the upper pulley, lie down, and plant your feet firmly on the floor. Have someone hand you the bar.

Start with your arms perfectly straight and then begin curling the bar both down and back, so that at the full contraction point, the bar is actually behind your head. As you curl you will need to draw your elbows back slightly and tip your head forward just a bit in order to achieve this exaggerated range of motion. At the bottom hold the squeeze for a count and then return the bar under control to the starting position.