Arm Exercises

The Ultimate Forearm Routine

Three weeks to bowling-pin-size development in your forearms.

The Ultimate Forearm Routine

The forearms consist primarily of slow-twitch muscle fibers, which means they’re built for endurance and respond best to duration activities, like carrying furniture and holding on for dear life. Employing high volume and short rest periods will inflate your forearms fast.


Follow this program for three weeks. Perform the workout two to three times per week after training your other body parts. Allow at least a day to recover in between.

Complete the exercises as a circuit, doing a set of A, followed by a set of B, and so on, before resting. Repeat for three total circuits.

Week 1

1A Seated Barbell Wrist Curl
Reps: 12

1B Standing Reverse Wrist Curl w/ EZ-curl Bar
Reps: 12

1C Standing Dumbbell Hammer Curl
Reps: 12

Rest 90 seconds and repeat

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