While you may be accustomed to thinking that working the chest consists of only three angles (flat, incline and decline bench), the reality is that you’ll better develop maximal muscle fibers in the chest if you add even more variety to a given exercise. Hence, doing incline presses from a number of bench angles, such as with 30- and 45-degree benches, and flat benches with a slight incline or decline as well, works the pecs from a number of small angles, each recruiting the muscle fibers a bit differently.

All you need are an adjustable bench that allows for a number of inclined settings and a pair of dumbbells (a lighter set for flyes, though you may have to adjust the weight as you fatigue to reach the target rep) to power through this multi-angle chest workout. You can even apply this small-angle training principle to your barbell moves (for example, using a normal to very wide grip on your chest-pressing moves) and cable crossovers (lowering the adjustable pulleys from one set to the next) to ensure you’re thoroughly hitting all your pec fibers.