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Train Over 40: Fit For Life

Army veteran, former Olympian, and business consultant Ricky Brim trains for both aesthetics and job performance.

Fit For Life
Duration 30 min
Exercises 5
Equipment Yes

A retired Army sergeant major who served 21 years, Ricky Brim provides services such as teambuilding, leadership, and customer assistance strategies to various organizations as a business consultant. The military was Brim’s bridge to fitness and professional success. “I joined the Army after I broke my femur, and my track scholarship got messed up,” Brim says. “My older sister was in the military at the time.” While in the Army, Brim competed in the 400-meter sprint at the 2000 Olympic Games; his best-ever time in the event was 45.9 seconds.

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Nowadays, Brim trains six times a week, including two days for abs, and runs a fast three to four miles four times per week. “I train as a bodybuilder, and I’m working on getting to 200 pounds in the long term,” Brim says. “I want my workout style to match my look.” After reaching a training plateau, Brim swaps exercises and increases intensity by upping the load or reps. Surprisingly, he says his biggest obstacle to success was fear. “Once I overcame the fear of getting injured, I achieved my goals,” he says.


1. AVOID CRAMPS: “I drink two gallons of water a day. I used to get cramps in my abs, but when I started drinking more water, the cramps subsided.”

2. GET LOOSE: “Stretch the abs 10 to 15 minutes before abs training to avoid injury. I do a cobra pose, hang from a bar, and do side bends.”

3. GO FOR TWO: “Don’t train abs more than twice a week, because your lower back may become more injury-prone.”

Brim's Abs Workout

Exercise 1

Decline Bench Situp You'll need: Bench How to
Decline Bench Situp thumbnail
5 sets
35-40 reps
60 sec rest

Exercise 2

Knee Ins thumbnail
10 sets
35-40 reps
45 sec rest

Exercise 3

Russian Twist You'll need: Weight Plates How to
Russian Twist thumbnail
5 sets
15-20 reps
45 sec rest
*Hold 10- to 25-pound medicine ball or weight.

Exercise 4

Bike Sprint How to
Bike Sprint thumbnail
1 sets
45 min reps
-- rest
Perform on stationary bike

Exercise 5

Jump Rope You'll need: Jump Rope How to
Jump Rope thumbnail
5 sets
2 min reps
60 sec rest