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Maximize Your Gym Time

Maximize your intensity at the gym to get a hardcore workout on a time crunch.

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Let’s Talk Training

Now, let’s look at some of the most effective workouts that will bring you the best results, in the fastest of time. Let’s say you have no more than 30 minutes to train. Pick 2-4 exercises that you need improvement on or that you don’t like. Again, I would go for the compounds exercises enumerated previously to get the most results from this type of workout. Depending on your goals it could look like this:

Hypertrophy/fat loss

A1 Pull-ups - 10 reps 3010; rest 45-60 seconds
A2 Barbell front squats - 8 reps 3010; rest 45-60 seconds and repeat for 30 minutes.


A1 flat dumbbell press x 8; rest 75 seconds
A2 bent-over barbell row x 8; rest 75 seconds
For 20 minutes

B1 Dips max out; no rest
B2 reverse grip lat-pulldowns* x 12; rest 90 seconds
For 20 minutes

*You can use single joint or easier exercises for the secondary supersets

Strength and power

A1 Weighted pull-ups - 4 reps 3010; rest 75-90 seconds
A2 Barbell back squats - 6 reps 3010; rest 75-90 seconds and repeat for 45 minutes

Yes, you read that right, repeat for 30-45 minutes. No given sets, just go for the given time by alternating between exercises. The high demand of the primary exercises makes it a great workout for fat loss since it involves an upper and lower body superset. It raises lactic acid greater than just plain upper or lower body supersets, which helps burn fat faster. You should also expect strength gains from this kind of workout. If you suck at pull-ups, this workout will make you gain a couple of reps with your own body weight. If you can’t do more than 6, so be it. Just do as much as you can. 

Final thought for this workout—use your time to the max. If you have 45 minutes, go all out for the given time. Some might have a problem with the high volume of these workouts, as it is more suitable for strength gains than for hypertrophy, but again, it is to maximize results. Keep in mind that you should only use a given program for no more than 3 to 5 weeks, especially with this kind of volume.