12 Weeks to a Competition Body Training Plan

Strengthen every muscle while blasting fat with targeted routines.


Show Week
Achieve peak conditioning with these essential last-minute tips.

Seven Days to Showtime!
The last week of your plan is when all your nutrition and training come together. To look your absolute best for your moment in the spotlight, follow these final instructions in the days leading up to the competition.

Diet Must-Dos:

> During the first four days of this week (Sunday through Wednesday), follow the diet as outlined in Phase 3, but cut the portion size of carb-heavy foods—like rice or sweet potatoes—in half.

> On Thursday, resume eating the regular amount of carbs outlined in Phase 3. Eliminate all added sodium.

> From Monday through Friday, increase your fluid intake from 1 gallon (16 cups) to 1.5 gallons (24 cups) a day.

> On Friday morning, cut your water intake to roughly two cups until noon. From that point until the day of the show, don’t consume any water. Also on Friday morning, have about 50% more carbs at each meal (so, a portion and a half of the carb-rich foods).

>On show day, cut the serving size of carb-rich foods at each meal.

Week 12: Workout Plan
Train on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only.

Monday: Back/Bi’s
Perform all back exercises outlined in Day 1 of the program, plus two biceps exercises from the Exercise Exchange List. Do these in circuit fashion.

Tuesday: Chest/Tri’s
Perform all chest exercises outlined in Day 4 of the program, plus two triceps exercises from the Exchange List. Do these in circuit fashion.

Wednesday: Shoulders
Perform all shoulder exercises outlined in Day 4 of the program. Do these in circuit fashion.

All 3 days: Abs
Choose two or three abs exercises each day, and do 3 sets of 25–30 repetitions each.

All 3 days: Cardio
Each day do 30 minutes of high-intensity intervals (including a five-minute warmup and cooldown) on the StepMill, or walk briskly on a treadmill set to 10% incline. Do two minutes at 80–90% maximum heart rate (8–9 on a scale of 1–10), followed by 60 seconds of slower-paced active rest.

Thursday & Friday: Rest.
Relax, take it easy, and get ready to focus on the show!