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5 Tips to Get the Best Gym Selfie

Boost your confidence at the gym with these picture taking techniques.

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Selfie, it’s officially a term in the Oxford Dictionary and Merriam Webster – just Google it and you’ll see. With 240,000,000 search results, it’s evident that selfies have weaved their way into our everyday lives. We take selfies at the park on a nice day, when the lighting in our apartments is just right, and the most obvious of them all, at the gym before or after a long sweat session. To get the best selfie at the gym, check out these helpful tips.

1. Be Confident And Be Aware

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Do you ever get a bit self-conscious in the mirror, as you’re about to snap a selfie of you flexing? If you look at other people’s selfies at gym, it’s guaranteed that they’re striking the same pose, except they all look confident. Forget about your surroundings and just focus on getting your best picture. However, be aware of the environment. Don’t take a selfie in the locker room -- the last thing you want is a man with nothing but a towel on in the background of your selfie. Keep in mind that no one is judging you, and the guy next to you is probably worrying about how big his bicep appears in the pic. A little confidence goes a long way and it will translate in your selfie. With that said, don’t look cocky — there’s a big difference.

2. Focus On Lighting

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Natural lighting may be great when taking headshot selfies. This isn’t the case when taking selfies of your body at the gym. Natural light doesn't hide anything, that's why Adam Blanco -- personal trainer at Crunch Fitness -- recommends looking for artifical light that's coming from above and in the corners. Artifical light creates angles on your body so that you can show off that hard-earned physique.

3. Pick The Best Filter

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Want to really display the chisel of your six-pack? Well, thank goodness filters exist. They’ll help emphasize the best features of your body. Some gyms have odd color schemes, making them unappealing to snap a selfie. Black and white filters can completely fix that issue, and they’ll add more of a dramatic effect. Try to stay away from the B/W filters on Instagram and use B1 and B5 on VSCO Cam. As for Instagram, the Hudson filter is great if you want to soften anything, and Ludwig gives the illusion that you were out in the sun. Tony Nolan, who is a Photo Editor for Men’s Fitness advises to keep it as natural as possible, otherwise it can look cheesy. Word to the wise: don’t go overboard on filters.

4. Horizontal or Vertical?

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If you want to show off your lats and pecs, take the photo horizontally. That way, your followers know where to focus — their eyes will immediately go there. If you want to show off your entire body, take the photo vertically — it will immediately elongate your body.

5. Have Fun and Be Yourself!

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At the end of the day, no matter how your selfie comes out, have fun with it. There’s no need to take it so seriously. Other lifters can tell when you’re trying too hard to get the perfect angle. The purpose of a gym selfie is to showcase your results that you’ve worked hard for, and perhaps be a positive influence on others.

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