Wednesday was a good day for China in the 77kg Olympics weightlifting class when they bagged both gold and silver medals. Lu Xiaojun once again proved he was a man for the big occasion when he lifted a total of 379 kg to smash the world record he himself set in 2009.

On the way to that incredible total he also set a world record for the snatch with a 175 kg lift, which was one kilogram better than his own old record.

In this YouTube clip of a Chinese news report on Xiaojun (sorry we have no idea what the reporter is saying), we see the 175 kg lift that set the new snatch WR.

It is easy to see what the lift meant to the athlete as he and his coach celebrated wildly in its aftermath. The report also shows Xiaojun's compatriot, Lu Haoije, who won silver with a combined total of 360 kg. Haoije hurt himself while attempting one lift and no translation is needed to see the desolation he felt at the setback.