Baller Shot in Head Bounces Back at Gym

L.A. Rams' Stedman Bailey hits the weights after a miraculous recovery.

While head trauma has become increasingly commonplace in the NFL, the type that Rams’ WR Stedman Bailey suffered last year is anything but common. This past November, Bailey was nearly killed after being struck in the head by two bullets. Clinging to life at a Miami hospital, Bailey eventually pulled through and looked to begin the long process of rehabilitation.

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Not only was the star receiver determined to get back in shape, he also vowed to make a return to the NFL. As seen in the TMZ Sports video, Bailey is currently hitting the weights hard at a local gym in Miami. According to Gary Sanchez, the gyms owner, the wideout has made substantial progress over the past few weeks.

"He's been training with me for 2 and a half months," Sanchez says who's been working with Bailey on a variety of weight training, balancing, and explosive movement drills. "My biggest fear was, 'Is he mentally going to be ready and has he lost any type of functions?' But he didn’t. He was ready to go the minute he walked in the gym."

Will Bailey's body be able to take on the demanding rigors of the upcoming NFL season? Sanchez believes so. "He is physically and mentally ready, definitely ready to go right now."

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