In perhaps the toughest of all tough guy sports, Tendai Mtawarira takes full advantage of his superior power and strength to crush the competiton. Chances are you never heard of him, or can even pronounce his name. His nickname however is unmistakable, and fitting of his fierce personality on the rugby field.

At 6-foot-2, 256 lbs. Tendai “The Beast” Mtawarira uses his linebacker-like physique to steamroll those who get in his way. He’s also been known to use his incredible strength to perform some less conventional moves.

In a recent match pitting Mtawarira’s South Africa-based Sharks against the Stormers, The Beast flexed his muscle in front of thousands by hoisting his teammate above his head to receive a kick-off. When the nearly 250 lb. teammate then flipped backward, falling toward the turf, “The Beast” grabbed hold of his shorts and hung on firmly while being swarmed upon by the oncoming scrum. Clearly this is one strong dude.

Check out the clip to see how it all went down, especially the slow motion replay.