Crews Takes Crazy to Another Level in New Old Spice Ad

The ripped and rowdy actor is at it again with this in-your-face TV spot.

Terry Crews Old Spice Ad

You say it's been a while since the last wacky, Terry Crews product pitch? Well, wait no longer. The good folks at Old Spice have released an all-new version of an out-of-control Crews going hog wild to promote his preferred body wash and deodorant scent -- Bear Glove!

This will be the first Old Spice ad where both Crews and fellow Old Spice pitchman, Isaiah Mustafa appear on screen together. The men make it their mission to teach guys about the different scents available, and to make a "smellmittment" to their favorite scent. Both make a strong case, but Crews does it with a little more volume and aggression.

From his hardcore workouts to his memorable lip sync battles, Terry Crews does it with unbridled enthusiasm, which is why he's a welcome commodity on the airwaves. It doesn't matter what the venue, few people get so pumped to make a performance. Just look how far the iconic pitchman is willing to go to make a case for his favorite Old Spice scent.