Jack Black is on a mission to be the next Thor. Well, not exactly. The Jumanji actor and one part of rock band, Tenacious D, is on a new fitness regimen and decided to copy (sort of) an intense, dumbbell floor workout that Chris Hemsworth previously posted from the gym.

Hemsworth, who is 14 years Black’s junior, wrote “Mixing it up. Get Creative. Keep Moving. Variety is key” in his initial Instagram post, which featured the Avengers actor on all fours, pushing heavy dumbbells back and forth across the gym floor, before moving on to some standing curls.

At 49, Black had a different take on this Thor-like routine and didn’t let Hemsworth’s fine physique discourage him. The actor recreated Hemsworth’s workout—with much smaller dumbbells and more grunts—at the gym, then reposted his video alongside Hemsworth’s original post for comparison. As he slid across the gym floor, Black grunted “Thor’s mighty hammer,” and even copied Hemsworth’s original caption with the added question “Who did it better?” 

The video quickly caught Hemsworth’s attention, and the Thor actor later wrote “Haha you legend. The student has become the master.”

We’re not sure why Black has jumped into the gym. Maybe he’s trying to slim down while filming Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle or match up to his Tenacious D bandmate, Kyle Gass, who lost weight a few years back. Whatever the reason, he’s in the gym and ready for you, Thor.