For most aspiring bodybuilders, getting ready for competition is a tough journey that takes loads of sweat and sacrifice in the gym. That didn’t dissuade Collin Clarke. Once the determined, 22-year-old from Indiana made up his mind to compete at a local bodybuilding event, he refused to let any hurdles prevent him from achieving his goal — not the long hours of training, not the strict diet he would now have to follow, and not the fact that he has Down Syndrome. So with the guidance of Glenn Ubelhor, a personal trainer and bodybuilder, Collin has made incredible progress. 

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It’s been a year since the two started training together, and Collin has dropped 60 pounds and is ready to compete on stage later this month. “I feel great,” Collin said. “I’m so happy to be doing this. Bodybuilding is in my blood and I always wanted to do this ever since I was a kid.” Check out the local NBC affiliate news report for more details about this young man’s amazing transformation and commitment to make his dream a reality. 

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