Faster than you can say Veronica “The Heartbreaker” Rothenhausler, this Tuff-N-Uff amateur title fight in Las Vegas came to an abrupt end with one powerful right to the jaw. Fans may not have gotten their money’s worth with an extended brawl, but they were treated to one helluva punch that immediately rocked Ashlee Evans-Smith, and sent her crashing to the canvas. After the match, Rothenhausler said, “It felt great. It felt like I did what I was trained to do. That’s my thing. I’m a stand-up fighter. I have power, and I just want to use it.”

Apparently Rothenhausler packs some real power behind her punch, because this wasn’t her first knockout in under 6 seconds. She actually did the same thing this past November to challenger Noelle Cherry. Good luck going the distance with this knockout!