Ah, porn: Some love it, others aren’t such big fans, and then are those who argue that it could be ruining your sex life by keeping you from getting an erection before doing the deed in real life. Yikes.

Regardless of where you stand, though, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Guys watch porn.

Enter Pornhub. It’s the adult entertainment website you’re probably most familiar with (c’mon, don’t lie), and with more than 75 million daily visitors, it’s also the largest and most popular source of porn on the Internet. And on March 25, the ridiculously popular site turned 10 years old. 

So how does a porn site celebrate its 10th anniversary, exactly? With an almost-safe-for-work commercial—we won’t tell you what’s in it, but if you’re in the office, you should definitely make sure to watch it with a pair of headphones (or just put it on mute). Unless your office is a school or something. In that case just wait ’til you get home.

Pornhub is also asking its users to reveal what the site has taught them—this could be anything from an outrageous sex position to “sexual health awareness”—on Instagram or Twitter, and include the hashtag #PHtaughtme. A panel of judges—people well-versed on the subject of porn, we presume—will choose 100 of the funniest and most creative entries, and winners will receive a 10-year membership to Pornhub Premium. Which, let’s be honest, you probably wouldn’t hate to have. 

Check out the creatively hilarious new ad in the video below: