Russia's Bizarre New 'Booty Slapping' Competition Promises It's Really All About Lower-Body Strength

Women take turns slapping each other’s butts in the name of fitness.

The Internet is catching on to a new slap-happy Russian competition in which female fitness enthusiasts take turns slapping each other’s butts. This booty-smacking match is officially titled the “Russian Female Slap Contest” and is apparently the female equivalent of the “Male Slap Contest,” which sees men go at one another slap-for-slap (to the face) until someone cries uncle. During the booty-centric variation of the competition, the women aim to knock their opponents off balance, according to Fox News.

Don’t believe us? You can watch highlights on YouTube here:

The event reportedly debuted for the first time this year at the Yashankin Cup bodybuilding competition. A spokesperson for the Generation Iron Network, who was in charge of media for the event, told Fox that all of the competitors work as fitness influencers and models, but that the slap contest was open to anyone who wanted to participate.

It hasn’t been reported what the booty-slap champ would actually win, but two women receive what appear to be gift bags in the video. One of them was model Anastasia Zolotaya, who boasts more than 475K followers on Instagram.



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In the age of social media, we can only wonder what strange new fitness trend will go viral next. Until then, we can enjoy YouTube videos of Instagram influencers slapping each other on the rump—ya know, to show off their lower-body strength and stability.

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