Last week we wrote about 20-year-old powerlifter Andrew Hause, who hit a damn impressive 901-pound squat and looked like he had plenty left in the tank. Now there’s Jeremy Oleson, whose 931-pound squat video landed on Reddit, and—well—it’s hard not to be impressed by a big lift like this. Check it out for yourself below:

Oleson isn’t just powering 931 pounds off the ground to become Insta-famous—he’s currently six weeks out from November’s Reebok Record Breakers competition in Dublin, California. With an Instagram that touts a 2204.6-pound lifting total, his page also shows feats like an 815-pound deadlift and a video where he hoists and walks with a gargantuan bag of sand.

Between Oleson’s lift and Hause’s from last week, you have to wonder just how many more of these early-twenties powerhouses we’ll see as social media becomes more influential in the lifting scene.