There’s no shortage of impressive powerlifters showing off their latest accomplishments on social media, but honestly, sometimes it’s hard to stick out in a sea of bar-bending deadlift reps and bench press maxes. But when you see a 20-year-old squatting 901 pounds, you take notice. It’s just one of the many mind-boggling lifts featured on powerlifter Andrew Hause’s Instagram page, and you can check it out for yourself below:

While it’s nearly unbelievable on its own, his Instagram and YouTube pages are filled with other equally freakish feats like a 500-pound bench press and 725-pound deadlifts for a set of five. For most gym-goers, doing half this weight once would be the peak of decades of work. For this 20-year-old, they’re simply more pelts on a wall he’s just beginning to build.


Hause’s next meet is in six weeks, and he’ll turn 21 in November. If you’re a fan of the sport, he’s definitely a name to watch.