Watch: Is This the Worst Fight in Hockey History?

This was not the kind of behavior hockey fans paid good money to come and see.

Antoine Roussel of the Dallas Stars gets physical against Luke Schenn of the Arizona Coyotes
Glenn James / Contributor / Getty

When it comes to good old-fashioned fisticuffs, no team sport does it better than hockey.

Throughout the years, the sport has brought us myriad epic, face-splitting fights that worked fans into a frenzy and sent countless teeth to the ice.

This scrap between Luke Schenn of the Phoenix Coyotes and Antoine Roussel of the Dallas Stars, however, was definitely not one of them. As a matter of fact, it might very well be the worst fight in hockey history.

Don't believe us? See for yourself:

Not only were the two players grappling in circles for half a minute, but not a single punch was landed among the one or two very feeble ones attempted. C'mon man—this is professional hockey, in which we expect quality brawls with bloody results, not baseball, basketball, or football in which the athletes have no idea how to throw a punch.

There's a reason people make the joke, "I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out."

Sadly, if we see more sorry exhibitions like the one put on by Schenn and Roussel, the sport's fans may be forced to turn elsewhere for their blood-thirst.

Badminton, anyone?