They make their sideline reporters tough in the NHL.  John Giannone, who features on MSG Network’s coverage of the New York Rangers, took a puck to the face that left blood streaming down his face during the Rangers and Islanders game this week.

However, like a true professional, Giannone carried on like he hadn’t a care in the world as he received medical attention. More Power to you, John!

He even joked about it on Twitter (and he updated his profile photo to his black and blue headshot!):

“Happy to say I’ll be okay after stopping that Marc Staal clear with my face. Moral of the story: I checked the clock…and got clocked!!”

Check it out here:


Giannone had a bona-fide accident, but Martin Keown, a former Arsenal player and now an ESPN pundit, was targeted by one of the Leeds players warming up before an FA Cup game last year. Just like Giannone, he brushed it off without making a big deal: