Even though they’ve decreased in recent years, there’s nothing like a good hockey fight. Two musclebound players going at each other as they slip and slide on the ice, hoping to connect for a knockout.

The only thing better? When it’s the goalies who do the fighting.

The East Coast Hockey League game earlier this week between the Cincinnati Cyclones and Quad City descended into a bit of chaos when the teams got into an all-out brawl after a massive hit. The brawl got everyone involved, including goalies Adam Vay of the Quad City Mallards and Michael House of the Cincinnati Cyclones.

House quickly learned his lesson that he shouldn’t mess with Vay—who, coincidentally, enjoys using MMA fighting as part of his training—when one of Vay’s left hooks demolished House. (The goalie fight starts around the 1:40 mark):

Yeah, don’t mess with this guy.