Dr. Christopher P. Neck, co-author of “Fit to Lead: the Proven 8 Week Solution for Shaping Up Your Body, Mind and Career” lives a busy lifestyle but that won’t stop him from being in great shape. Dr. Neck, who has a Ph. D in Management from Arizona State University, is also a father, husband, speaker, runner, fitness enthusiast, and has been a professor for 18 years. The newly released paperback edition of Dr. Neck’s seventh book provides an eight-week plan that focuses on improving nutritional, body, and mental fitness. Filled with success stories from executives of various industries, “Fit To Lead” will make you unable to justify the “too busy” excuse.

M&F: What is new in the paperback edition?

CN: The examples, testimonials and research on diet, exercise, and managerial performance are updated. We identified executives who felt fitness was important in their lives and businesses.

M&F: You are an Associate Professor of Management at Arizona State University and hold the title University Master Teacher. What does that title mean?

CN: It means they value my teaching skills. If anyone has teaching questions at the University they can contact me.

M&F: What age group do you think would find “Fit to Lead” most useful?

CN: The book is not limited to any age because the principles are not going to hurt you whether you are 15 or 85.

M&F: Do you follow the “Fit to Lead” dietary guidelines?

CN: I am pretty hardcore with my diet so the Fit To Lead dietary guidelines are a balanced version of what I do. I do not eat red meat, eat very little fat, and eat for fuel.

M&F: When did you start exercising?

CN: I have been running since I was 12. I was interested in fitness from an early age since my dad played football for the Chicago Bears.

M&F: How times per week do you exercise?

CN: 6-7 times a week. I used to think I could just run but over the years I saw that weight resistance makes a big difference for posture and upper body strength. Now, I do bodyweight exercises like push ups and pull-ups.

M&F: What do you like to do in your free time?

CN: I love being with my family. My son is in 7th grade and he runs with me during the week.

M&F: What new projects should people be expecting from Dr. Neck?

CN: 4th Quarter Fitness, a book that looks at the success people have had later in their lives, will come out early 2013.

M&F: What advice do you have for people trying to improve their physique?

CN: If you burn more calories than you eat, you are going to lose weight. We do not have to eat until we are full but only until we are satisfied. In terms of supplementation, Omega 3 and Vitamin D are the new liquid gold since research supports the benefits of these supplements.

Dr. Neck’s website: www.chrisneck.com