Double-amputee Lifter Bangs Out 310-lb Deadlift

Jared Bullock lost his arm and leg in Afghanistan, but he doesn't let that stop him from making massive gains.

Double-Amputee Jared Bullock
Instagram / @jared_bullock

Jared Bullock is just like every other guy. He's a husband, a father, and an All-American man. What sets Bullock apart is the fact that he's a double-amputee, not like you'd ever be able to tell by looking at his massive build.

In 2013, Bullock enlisted in the U.S. Army, and after serving two tours in Iraq, he began training for Special Forces. He was then deployed to Afghanistan, and while on a routine patrol, his ATV ran over an IED. He was lucky enough to survive the blast, but lost his right arm and right leg.

But Bullock didn't let that stop him from getting back in the gym. He's determined to prove that even with a disability you can still build a symmetrical, muscular physique

Bullock frequently shares videos of his workouts on his Instagram page. The video below, which he captions, "Channeling my inner Chewie," really caught our attention. Here, he's seen deadlifting 310lbs with a trap bar and an improvised shoulder harness.

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Check out how Bullock trains his chest and shoulders on his nub side:

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And check out this image of his posterior. His lats are so symmetrical, you'd never be able to tell he only has one arm.

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