In the June issue, Arnold flexes his best arm workouts and shares tips that helped him forge his Matterhorn-like peaks. You’ll also get the twelve secrets of success ‘The Oak’ learned over the course of his many careers, along with a bonus classic Arnold poster that makes for a great collectible piece.

Plus, you’ll find even more inspiration and advice from a host of hot bods, including tips for getting stronger from Welsh powerlifter Chris Jenkins. We also celebrate Anja Langer, one of the first females of bodybuilding and take a look at how Adam Bishop transitioned from rugby to Strongest Man. We also feature triple amputee Mark Ormrod and show how he inspires others to get into the gym.

We’ve beefed up our coverage of all of the current supps on the market, as well as the latest in nutrition news. We bring you the best over-the-counter supps as well as those found naturally in your kitchen. This month: putting pork back on the menu, the latest in blood testing and more.

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