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Trinidad’s greatest bodybuilder, Darrem Charles, has made bodybuilding history by becoming the first-ever IFBB NY Pro Men’s Champion. Of significance too is the fact that this was the first competition judged in accordance with the new IFBB advisory concerning aesthetic appeal. Not surprisingly, Charles possesses one of the sport’s more aesthetic physiques and now, one of its larger ones too.

Darrem managed to add a good deal of refined mass to his upper body in the offseason and carried it well. His biceps have to be in contention for bodybuilding’s best and his delts have reached Levrone-like proportions. His quads, while showing their usual striations, seemed down in size, slightly, but this may merely be an optical illusion, created by his newfound upper body mass.

Ahmad Haidar took second place with a physique that was all lines and tie-ins and the things that bring to mind a piece of classical statuary. Could his biceps be a little bigger? Sure. Could his thighs have a bit more sweep? Maybe. But this is nitpicking of a great physique. If not for a little water retention Haidar might have seen his fortunes reversed with Charles’.

Hometown hero Victor Martinez nailed down third place to a cacophonous chorus of boos nearly as loud as the booming thunder outside Manhattan’s Tribeca Performing Arts Center. While he certainly has the size shape and “wow” factor of a winner, his conditioning held him back today, as it has several times over the past year.

Patterson, NJ’s Craig Richardson finished in third with a physique that might best be described as “streamlined.” Before the evening show he wore a big smile when discussing the advisory and true to form, his smiles were justified. Small waist, flaring muscles and great lines mean another Olympia qualification for Richardson.

Rounding out the top five was rookie and NYer Capriese Murray. Murray has the freakiest proportions this reporter has ever seen. His shoulder-to-waist-to-thigh ratio has to be seen to be believed. But his difficulty in controlling his midsection coupled with eye-catching contours on his shoulders may have kept him from placing higher.

On a thunderous night in New York, bodybuilding’s East Coast contingent (Darrem/Ahmad-Florida, Victor/Capriese-New York, Craig- New Jersey) stormed their way into the history books, and the 2005 Mr. Olympia, at the inaugural IFBB NY Pro competition. Congratulations to Bev Francis and Steve Weinberger for a job well done and to all the competitors for putting pro bodybuilding in a New York state of mind, if but for a day.

Final Results

1. Darrem Charles*
2. Ahmad Haidar*
3. Victor Martinez*
4. Craig Richardson*
5. Capriese Murray*
6. Chris Cook
7 Luke Wood
8 Bob Cicherillo
9 Francisco Bautista
10 Mustafa Mohammad
11 Onder Adsay
12 George Farah
13 Miguel O Jesus Filho
14 Kai Greene
15 Jason Arntz
16 Gennaro Brigante
16 Jimmy Canyon
16 Simon Cohen
16 Neil Gardner
16 Will Harris
16 Kenny Jones
16 Berry Kabov
16 Heiko Kallbach
16 Michael Kindred
16 Christian Lobarade
16 Jeff Long
16 Patrick Lynn
16 Manfred Petautschnig
16 Greg Rando
16 Rudy Soloman
16 Heinz Senior
16 Ricky Welling

*Qualifies for the 2005 Mr Olympia

2005 NY PRO COMPETITORS LIST (in order of appearance)

1. Onder Adsay
2. Francisco Bautista
3. Gennaro Brigante
4. Jimmy Canyon
5. Darrem Charles
6. Bob Cicherillo
7. Simon Cohen
8. Chris Cook
9. George Farah
10. Miguel O. Jesus
11. Neil Gardner
12. Kai Green
13. Ahmad Haidar
14. Will Harris
15. Kenny Jones
16. Berry Kabov
17. Heiko Kallbach
18. Michael Kindred
19. Christian Lobarade
20. Jeff Long
21. Patrick Lynn
22. Victor Martinez
23. Mustafa Mohammad
24. Capriese Murray
25. Manfred Petautschnig
26. Greg Rando
27. Craig Richardson
28. Rudy Soloman
29. Heinz Senior
30. Ricky Welling
31. Luke Wood
32. Jason Arntz

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