IFBB Pro Essa Ibrahim Obiad is returning to Chicago in order to defend his title! Winner of the 2010 Arnold Amateur Mens Bodybuilding, Obiad has won two professional bodybuilding contests since turning pro.

However, when placed against first tier competitors, Obiad tends to fall a bit short and places out of the top 5.

Obiad is one of them bodybuilding athletes that when he is on, he is most unbeatable to many of his competitors. The question is, how will he stack up against this line-up? Essa is going to have to defend his title against a stacked line-up this year.

IFBB Pro Men Open Bodybuilding

Lionel Beyeke, Michael Liberatore, Lee Banks, Roelly Winklaar, Bill Wilmore, Keith Williams, Jonathan Rowe, Benjamin Parra, Essa Obaid, An Nguyen, Manuel Lomeli, Kenneth Jackson, Stefan Havlik, Constantinos Demetriou, Justin Compton, and Alexandre Nataf.

Essa Ibrahim Obiad Contest History

2012 IFBB Mr Olympia Mens Open (14th)
2012 Wings of Strength Pro Mens Open (1st)
2012 Europa Battle of Champions Mens Open (3rd)
2011 FIBO POWER Pro Championships Mens Open (8th)
2011 Mr Europe Grand Prix Mens Open (6th)
2011 IFBB British Grand Prix Mens Open (7th)
2011 Arnold Classic Mens Open (13th)
2010 Europa Super Show Men: Open (1st)
2010 Arnold Amateur Mens Bodybuilding: Super Heavyweight (1st)

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013