Dexter Jackson ready for Romanian Grand Prix

by Allan Donnelly

October 5, 2008


The new Mr. Olympia is taking his show on the road. Proving he’s not willing to rest on the biggest victory of his career, newly-crowned Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson will be competing in the Romanian Pro Grand Prix on October 11 in Timosoara, Romania. Jackson, who last weekend unseated Jay Cutler as the No. 1 bodybuilder in the world, is the only top Olympia competitor traveling to Romania. Aside from Jackson, Ronny Rockel and Sergey Shelestov are the only competitors from last weekend’s Olympia competing in Romania. Considering the lineup, Jackson – cautious of sounding overly confident – expects nothing less than another win, which would be his fifth of the 2008 season.

“I’m in such good shape right now, and no one from here is gonna be there,” Jackson said, “so I think it looks pretty good.”

It will be the second time Jackson has traveled out of the United States to compete. In March, after winning the Arnold Classic for the third time in his career, Jackson won both the Australian and New Zealand Pro Grand Prix contests. By all accounts, Jackson – amazingly – was better in those two contests than he was at the Arnold. The 39-year-old expects more of the same this time around.

“I think I get better as I go,” Jackson said. “I’m definitely gonna be in better condition. When I fly I get drier for some reason, so I have to drink a lot of water just to slow the process down. Most guys, when they fly they get bloated.”

According to Jackson, he’s still getting used to the idea of being the new Mr. O.

“I’m walking around and just thinking Mr. Olympia, Mr. Olympia .. that’s all that’s going through my mind,” Jackson laughed. “But it still hasn’t sunk in yet. My girlfriend called me, her and some of my friends were like Come on Mr. Olympia. And I’m like, No. That doesn’t sound right, don’t call me that yet. Jay told me it’s gonna take about three or for months. He said that’s how long it took for it to sink in for him.”

2008 Romanian Pro Grand Prix Competitor List

  Khalid Almohsinawi, Netherlands  Hanni Glanville, United Kingdom  Dexter Jackson, USA  Martin Kjellstrom, Sweden  Cesar Mendible, Venezuela  Manfred Petautschnig  Ronny Rockel, Germany  Sergey Shelestov, Russia  Tommi Thorvildsen, Norway  Ricky Welling, United Kingdom