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Mr. Olympia runner-up Kai Greene’s arm workout is like a Hollywood thriller—you never know what twist is coming next



Living in New York City, Greene recalls with a laugh how his bodybuilding pursuits awkwardly meshed with his surroundings. “I used to carry around tupperware full of food in garbage bags,” he says. “I would ride on the train or bus with my headphones on, holding a garbage bag of food and a gym bag. I’m sure I looked like I was homeless.”

Greene didn’t care, though—he knew nutrition was critical to reaching his goals. “I’d carry around a cooler wherever I went,” he says. “When it comes to bodybuilding, you can get derailed by excuses. If you don’t have what you need with you, you start thinking it’s OK to miss meals.

“I wouldn’t miss a meal,” he adds. “If I made it and I knew I needed to eat it every two hours, I did. If I had to get up earlier to cook, I did. If I had to eat it cold, I did. However long I was going to be gone from the house, I’d make sure I had enough food with me to keep my body in an anabolic state.”

These days, in addition to the prototypical high-protein food intake, Greene relies on a number of cutting-edge supplements provided by his sponsor, MuscleMeds. His favorites include NO Bull, a pre-workout nitric oxide powder that mixes with water or juice and provides an increase in energy levels and strength; Carnivor Shots, which pack 50 grams of 100% beef protein in a four-ounce shot; and Methyl Arimatest, a serum testosterone optimizer.


STAGE DIRECTION: 4 sets (each exercise), 15-20 reps

Action To do the concentration curl, Greene sits at the end of a fat bench, bent over, the elbow of his working arm pressed against the same-side inner thigh. He straightens his arm to lower the dumbbell toward the floor (without touching down), then engages his biceps forcefully to bring the weight toward his torso. He continues for up to 20 reps, repeats with the other arm, and then—wasting as little time as possible in the transition—stands up and grabs matching dumbbells in each hand, bending forward 45 degrees or so at the hips and locking his bent elbows in place at his sides. From here, he extends both elbows to lift the weights behind him, flexing his body for support from his lats down through his core and legs.

Close-Up To get the most out of kickbacks, Greene emphasizes tensing his stabilizing muscles to focus the action only in the elbows. “I lock into the movement right so I’m able to really engage my triceps the way I want to,” he says. “My lats, traps, and rear delts are coming alive while I’m doing the exercise—it almost becomes a static contraction that helps me with my posing.”

Deleted Scenes Greene will switch out concentration curls for alternating dumbbell curls, and will more likely do dips instead of kickbacks in his off-season training. He’ll also do close-grip pushups for tri’s on occasion.

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