Gym Workouts TO GO

Dennis Wolf, Adam Cohen, and Aaron Clark tell you how to up your workout.


Dennis Wolf’s Shoulder Routine

Russian-born Dennis Wolf was runner-up in the Arnold Classic in 2011 and 2012. This is the shoulder routine he used when making his best gains. Wolf trains shoulders once weekly.

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Aaron Clark’s Chest Routine

Virginian Aaron Clark won the heavyweight class
at the 2012 USA Championships. The incline barbell presses are preceded by two to three warmup sets. He says, “All movements are done emphasizing a deep stretch with a controlled negative.” Clark trains chest once weekly.

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Adam Cohen’s Leg Routine

Yorker Adam
Cohen was the
light-heavy at
the 2012 USA
 and plans to 
compete at this
 month’s NPC 
Nationals. “I 
like to employ 
a lot of dropsets 
and compound
 sets to really up 
the intensity,” he 
says. He rests for two minutes between each triset or superset. All exercises are pyramided except walking lunges. Cohen trains legs once weekly.

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