Ultrarunners are a different breed of human. These athletes are capable of enduring unfathomable distances, obstacles, and elements—making child’s play of typical fitness feats. You don’t want to brag about the five marathons under your belt because that’s the mileage some of these men and women traverse in a single race.

It’s safe to say we felt particularly average after learning Darcy Piceu, professional ultrarunner and Smartwool athlete, demolished the Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit in Peru.

Get this: Piceu crushed the run, clocking 29 hours, 15 minutes—the fastest known time for men and women on the 85-miler, according to a press release. The trek had an average elevation of 14,000 feet and climbed upward of 16,400 feet. (Are your legs and lungs burning in phantom altitude-deprived pain? They should be.)

Piceu ran, walked, and hiked the route, navigating her way along craggy trails under the looming range of the snow-capped Andes. She described it as “breathtakingly beautiful, intimidating and incredibly challenging” on her Instagram. Adding, “It’s always the people that make these experiences memorable. And, photos just don’t do these mountains justice.”   

The Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit served as an excellent training session for Piceu’s upcoming race: the Hardrock 100-Mile Endurance Run, which she’s won four times. Follow Piceu’s journey on Instagram @darcypq. She’ll run the 100-miler this July in Silverton, CO.