Want to cut body fat? Try cutting down on the types of food you eat. A new study in the journal PLOS ONE found that when consumers have too many options, they’re more likely to eat more. But it’s not just about the number of brands to choose from. “Too much variety in general has been shown to lead to overeating,” says Mitzi Dulan, R.D., a nutritionist based in Leawood, KS. Previous research from Cornell University Food and Brand Lab has found that when moviegoers were given M&M candies in 10 different colors, they ate 43% more than people offered the same number of M&Ms in seven colors. “Studies suggest that the less variety you have in your diet, the better able you are to stay on track,” notes Dulan. Try eating healthy foods you know and are familiar with to control portions whenever possible. Then introduce just one or two new foods when you want a little something new.