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Per Bernal
Per Bernal

Kick your fitness into a higher gear and get on the fast track to success in one week with this complete workout and diet plan.

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Can a week really make a difference in your life? It can if you commit to it. That’s the idea behind our seven-day challenge—a weeklong exercise and nutrition program that will help you bust out of a rut and jump-start your motivation to move more, eat better, and test yourself in new ways.

“The number seven is a mindset—it represents something extraordinary,” says Los Angeles–based trainer and Previnex fitness ambassador Latreal Mitchell. “There are seven wonders in the world, seven colors in the rainbow, and seven days in the week.” And devoting yourself completely to your fitness and health for seven days is just enough time to help elevate your lifestyle without dragging on for so long that you begin to burn out.

Follow Mitchell’s one-week workout program to set up your fitness success, along with the healthy-eating plan developed by nutritionist Lori Zanini. Find a week that you can fully devote to training and nutrition, and go for it! It’s everything you need to put you on track to look, feel, and be your best.

How It Works

This weekly schedules mixes in total-body-weight workouts using kettlebells and dumbbells along with fat-burning cardio intervals and core and mobility training. You’ll be doing something every day, for just seven days. (After that, take a well-deserved rest day!)

“I structured this workout the way I train my clients,” says Mitchell. “We want to work hard and lift heavy on certain days and on others just focus on mobility. It’s about balance and giving your body what it needs.” Remember to keep your form throughout the exercises. “If you find yourself losing your posture during certain movements, lighten the load or decrease the intensity,” Mitchell says. “Think quality movement over quantity.”

Check out the workouts below, and make sure to follow the accompanying 7-day diet plan to feel your best and boost your fitness. 

The 7-Day Best Body Challenge: Kick your fitness into a higher gear and get on the fast track to success in one week with this complete workout plan.

  • Day 1 Total-Body Dumbbell Routine Start
  • Day 2 Cardio Intervals Start
  • Day 3 Total-Body Kettlebell Routine Start
  • Day 4 Core and Mobility Circuit Start
  • Day 5 Cardio Intervals Start
  • Day 6 Active Recovery Start
  • Day 7 Total-Body Dumbbell Routine Start