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The TRX Leg Finisher Circuit for Better Stability

Push your wheels to the limit on your next leg day with this challenging circuit that will bolster your stability.

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Man Performing TRX Exercise
EmirMemedovski / Getty
Man Performing TRX Exercise
EmirMemedovski / Getty

When To Use It: 

At the end of leg day. If you’re pressed for time, do it on its own as a quick lower-body workout.

Why Do It: 

“Adding these suspension trainer exercises to the end of your workout will give you a final burn,” says Zack Van Wagoner, a trainer and a TRX coach in San Francisco. “These moves also target the smaller stabilizer muscles you might have missed when doing exercises like leg extensions and hamstring curls.”

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Adjust the suspension trainer strap to midcalf. Perform two to four rounds, depending on your level of conditioning, with as little rest as possible. (Try to limit yourself to 15 to 30 seconds between rounds.)

Trainer Tip:

“When performing the three exercises, create as much tension into the foot cradle as possible and brace your core,” Van Wagoner says. “This will improve your balance and control, so you can focus on contracting the targeted muscles fully.”

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