Selecting a sunscreen before heading out on a summer adventure can be a confusing and overwhelming experience. The pharmacy shelves are usually packed with hundreds of brands in different styles and applications, all competing with glaring labels and skeptical claims.

You can cut through all of the marketing mess and by picking up one that simply says “broad-spectrum” and has a SPF (sun protection factor) of 30. That way, you’ll be adequately protecting yourself during any summertime fun in the sun, but just remember to reapply often and after any sweat sessions or dips in the pool.

For more in-depth info, check out our “All You Need to Know About Sunscreen Guide” to get the lowdown on exactly what to look for to protect you from the harsh summer sun — and the rays during the other seasons, too. In the meantime, look below for a few of the best sunscreens out there for 2020, mostly selected from the extensive list of safer sunscreens that the Environmental Working Group puts out each year.

Applying Sunscreen To Hands

All You Need to Know About Sunscreen

Tips for picking the perfect sunscreen this summer to save your skin

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