Slathering on sunscreen every day is not a step most dudes are apt to do, because skin health isn’t something they think about…until they start hitting middle age. When the wrinkles and crow’s feet start to creep across our faces, vanity rears up and offers a sobering slap. As our bodies’ largest organ and the one that is in charge of protecting us from toxins and infections and, yes, the sun’s rays, the skin is an essential part of having a healthy body.

And we know that protecting yourself—whether by putting on a seatbelt every time you get in your car or using a weight belt when hoisting heavy loads in the gym—is just what you do if you want to live your life to its healthiest.

So while you may remember to put on some SPF before hitting the beach, you should think about making it part of your daily routine — and yes, even during the winter. That doesn’t mean to overdo it ala Mark Zuckerberg so you look like Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Here, we’ll run down why applying sunscreen is just as important as putting on some deodorant or brushing your teeth before you walk out the door each day. We’ll also give you some important tips on how to make sure you’re buying the right stuff.

Man applying lotion to his skin and looking in the mirror

The Ultimate Skin Care Guide for Men

Be sure to care for your skin year-round with these products.

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