This is how hockey works, you settle fights out of respect. Don’t try to begin to understand the culture surrounding the violent sport, just appreciate it.

In February, Pittsburgh Penguins’ forward Evgeni Malkin delivered a controversial blow to the head of the Winnipeg Jets’ captain Blake Wheeler. Watch the video below.

When the two teams faced each other again on Wednesday, Wheeler took revenge by dropping his gloves against Malkin. Malkin, not known for his fighting decided to accept the fight out of respect for Wheeler. 

When asked by a reporter why he accepted the fight Malkin said (in broken English), “Because last game it was not a great hit against Wheeler, and I respect him.” He went on to say that he respects his leadership, and knew it was coming, so out of respect he responded. 

As far as the fight was concerned, Malkin got his ass handed to him. He took about seven haymakers from Wheeler before finally falling to the ice. 

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Sure, the Malkin vs. Wheeler fight lasted a couple punches, but if this fight was too amateurish for you it only got better a few seconds later. The two heavyweights, Tom Sestito and Chris Thornburn, duked it out after the ensuing face-off in a fight that lasted a solid minute.

All-in-all the Penguins got the last laugh as Malkin scored twice beating the Jets 7-4. Watch Wednesday’s entire fight below.