This month actress Ashley Bell reprises her terrifying role as a possessed Louisiana girl in The Last Exorcism Part II. Quite the head turner in real life, Bell talked to us about how to exorcise the demons from your relationship, stop the memory of an ex from haunting you, and altogether avoid a dating horror story.


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Don't Go In There
I’ve met a couple of girls and seen them in relationships, and I would not blame a guy if he did bring in an exorcist. If it feels like you’re trying too hard to make a relationship work or like it’s taking a toll, like it’s sapping your energy, then it’s not the right fit.
Phone Lines Are Down
Don’t text (or tweet) after sex! And don’t decide to check your phone in the middle of a conversation. Don’t even leave your cell phone on the table on the date, especially a first date. Find the opportunity to reply to e-mails after our time together.

Spoiler Alert

Don’t Facebook stalk her or see what you can find on Twitter or Instagram beforehand, because you’ll have those comparisons ready. Just dive into it with as free a mind and as open an eye as possible and get ready for a new experience.